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2022 Lexus RX 350 Redesign: New Lexus RX What We Know So Far

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2022 Lexus RX 350 Redesign The Lexus RX 2022 may look aggressive and sporty, but its relaxed and comfortable character makes it the perfect choice for driving.

Even upgrading to the F Sport model brings a little driving sensation.

The 3.5 liter V-6 is standard in models bearing the RX350 badge and the hybrid powertrain can be found on the RX450h; the acceleration of both models is quite quiet.

Buyers will also choose from the standard two-line version of the RX and RX-L three-row extended, but the latter is not suitable for frequent third-line passengers.

The accommodation in the front and second-row seats is much nicer and more spacious, with luxurious seat cushions and many luxury and comfort features.

Lexus introduced the Black Line Special Edition package for the F Sport model.

It comes with black exterior accents, black 20-inch wheels, blue stitching for the leather interior, and Ultra White or Grecian Water paint (medium blue).

More specifically, ordering the Black Line Special Edition package also adds two Zero Halliburton luggage. Elsewhere, the RX received a new interior color – Glazed Caramel – which replaced the Noble Brown.

Blind-spot monitoring, rear traffic alerts, and foldable outer mirrors are now standard.

Wireless smartphone charging pads are now optional and the Performance package has been renamed the Handling package.

2022 Lexus RX 350 Redesign Preview

The 2022 Lexus RX 350 Redesign is a mid-sized crossover that serves as the bread and butter of the Lexus SUV lineup.

Given its pervasive nature, it’s easy to see why so many buyers flock to the RX.

2022 lexus rx 350 redesign The LQ will be all new for 2022

The RX 350 delivers everything you expect from a Lexus. That means a flexible ride, a quiet cabin, and high-quality interior materials. Since the RX is a midsize SUV,

The cabin is very roomy on both lines. The seats are also superb, providing hours of drama-free comfort thanks to the soft leather and thick cushions.

They stand in stark contrast to British and German rivals, who tend to be firm. All of this RX goodness is available at a lower price than similarly equipped competitors.

The Lexus RX does suffer from a few drawbacks – the rear roofline dramatically reduces main cargo capacity, and the infotainment system is difficult to use.

But given its wild popularity, it seems that many buyers are willing to ignore these drawbacks given the RX’s advantages in other areas.

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The Lexus RX 2022, with a standard 350 and 450-hour configuration, is one of Japan’s best five-seat luxury crossovers for the money.

Lexus raises the base price (about $ 920 more) compared to existing RX 2020 models, but you get a lot more standard features and a new Black Line Edition to think about.

Let’s start with the Lexus RX Black Line 2022 edition.

Lexus only makes 750 (petrol) and 250 (hybrid) RX Black Line units for North American buyers, so you’re practically getting the exclusive version of the standard RX.

The proof is the bespoke exterior touches including side-body graphics on the side rockers, 20-inch black alloy wheels, front and rear F Sport performance dampers, new front and rear bumpers, and F Sport badging.

2022 Lexus RX 350 Redesign

The 2022 Lexus RX 350 Redesign is a solid entry into the midsize SUV class, offering a spacious and comfortable cabin and usually excellent build quality.

We’ve been let down by this generation’s anonymous driving experience and the poorly thought out infotainment system controllers too.

lexus rx 2022 It's expected to replace the outdated Lexus LX as the company's flagship SUV

The improvements made to this year’s RX will correct those flaws, Lexus hopes.

This realigns the suspension and strengthens the body structure to give the RX a slightly sportier feel when driving in turns while still prioritizing ride comfort, says Lexus.

It has also been modified, the F Sport sports suspension, which previously resulted in a much tougher ride in exchange for a minimal performance boost.

Lexus has swapped the mouse-like controller for a new trackpad, in the cabin. It can still interfere with use while driving, but that’s better. The screen display is also new.

This means that you can avoid using the trackpad by touching the various menus and buttons, which are now touch screens.

Repositioning the screen to be nearly 6 inches closer to the driver, so that reaching the screen doesn’t require stretching, Lexus either.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto also join this year as standard equipment, finally. To increase the credibility of the RX 350 technology, these changes were of great help.

With a drastic improvement in the quality of life that makes it even more attractive than last year’s model, the Lexus RX Redesign 2022 is more competitive than ever.

Before also running in the mid-range luxury crossover segment, the RX has graduated to be an honorable offering in its class, too.

We prefer the more aggressive yet comfortable F Sport seats, the base 2022 Lexus RX 350 Redesign is rounder and appeals to a wider range of buyers.

Because it adds a sharp-looking 12.3-inch display, an enhanced audio system, and onboard navigation when your adventure takes you to a local with unstable cellular service, the Navigation package is well worth it.

Available in basic and F Sport versions, the 2022 Lexus RX 350 Redesign.

So both of them come with a 3.5-liter V6 engine (295 horsepower, 267 lb-ft of torque) which is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission as well. All-wheel drive is optional and the front-wheel-drive is standard.

Then, the base is equipped with features such as a power liftgate, dual-zone automatic climate control, simulated leather seats, adaptive cruise control,

A set of driver safety aids (Lexus’ Safety System + 2.0), an 8-inch touch screen, and a nine-sound system. speakers, too.

Also standard this year is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

Premium and Luxury, several packages, are also available to enhance the RX feature list. Sunroof, larger wheels, heated and ventilated front seats, and leather seats are among their important additions.

The F Sport includes Premium package content plus a sportier exterior style, sport-tuned suspension, sport front seats, and unique interiors.

Additionally, the optional F Sport Performance package adds adaptive suspension dampers and specially tuned steering.

Lexus offers a Navigation package, which gives you a navigation system, a larger 12.3-inch touchscreen, and a 12-speaker sound system or an optional Mark Levinson 15-speaker system, for both versions.

Additionally, other valuable options to consider are blind-spot monitoring, a power-fold second-row seat, and a hands-free liftgate, too.

2022 Lexus RX Interior and Exterior

Inside, the new Lexus RX Black Line has black seats with blue stitching and white accents.

You also get F Sport gauges, aluminum trim, and a perforated leather shift knob.

The Black Line edition also features two sets of custom Zero Halliburton travel bags, specifically the Edge Lightweight Collection.

lexus rx 450h 2022 vehicle that is very fun to drive at an affordable price

This package includes a 22-inch continental Carry-on and a 26-inch Medium Travel Bag.

The Lexus RX Black Line 2022 package is available in petrol and hybrid models and is available in two paint colors: Grecian Water and Ultra White.

While the Lexus RX 2022 and 450h 2022 have more standard features. The list of options includes automatic dimming of the rearview mirror,

Blind-spot monitoring with rear traffic alerts, and optional wireless charging.

The Lexus RX 2022 is also available with a Handling Package which replaces the Performance Package of the 2020 model.

The new Handling Package comes with adaptive variable suspension, integrated vehicle dynamics management system, electric power steering, heated/ventilated seats, and a moonroof.

Lexus has selected subtle materials for the RX’s interior, including soft leather, textured metal or wood trim, and soft-touch plastic.

The driving position is comfortable and easy to spot, but the interior is marred by a few ergonomic missteps: The tuning buttons for the radio are a long, awkward reach from the driver’s seat,

And the infotainment system is operated by an obnoxious and inaccurate system. the controller just behind the shifter.

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Fortunately, Lexus has added touchscreen capability to the RX infotainment system.

Although not a cargo-carrying champion, the RX is closer to carrying a tote bag behind its rear seat than the winning Cadillac XT5.

With the second row folded – a process done from the side door or the cargo area – the RX matches the XT5 with 24 cases.

Folding the chair does not result in a completely even floor load.

We not only found the Enform infotainment system difficult to use while driving,

But also lacked many of the automotive world’s most modern and sought-after features: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and onboard Wi-Fi not offered. An 8.0-inch infotainment touch screen is standard.

Upgrading to a 12.3-inch display not only provides a wider screen display but also adds navigation on the dashboard,

A 12-speaker audio system (nine-speaker setup is standard), a DVD / CD player, and access to the Lexus Deploy App Suite.

This collection of applications provides access to emergency assistance as well as limited internet connectivity from the infotainment system.

A premium 15-speaker Mark Levinson audio system is also optional, as is a rear-seat entertainment system with wireless headphones and dual 11.6-inch monitors.

What is unique to the RX Black Line are the 20-inch black wheels with matching wheel locks, a black grille around them, side body graphics, and black side mirror caps.

Two exterior colors are available – Ultra White or All-New Grecian Water. Extras include the F Sport badge, as well as the front and rear performance dampers of the F Sport.

On the inside, black leather upholstery comes standard with white accents and blue stitching, which comes above all the usual F Sport bits like the instrument panel and aluminum trim.

Other Black Line additions include flooring and cargo mats, key gloves with blue stitching, and custom made travel made especially by Zero Halliburton.

2022 Lexus RX Engine

The Handling Package is part of the F Sport package. The latter includes 20-inch wheels, performance dampers,

Stainless steel door trim, memory settings for the steering wheel, and a bevy of the aluminum exterior trim.

The standard Lexus RX 350 2022 is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 295 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque.

Standard features include 18-inch wheels, faux leather upholstery, and Apple Car Play / Android Auto connectivity.

The standard model receives an 8.0-inch display while the larger 12.3-inch infotainment screen is optional.

Meanwhile, the RX 450h hybrid has the same V6 engine along with three electric motors producing 308 horsepower.

The RX 450his only available in all-wheel drive while the standard model gets front-wheel drive and optional AWD.

Buyers can have their RX in two different flavors: The powerful 2022 Lexus RX model is powered by a 3.5 liter V-6 while the RX450h comes with a V-6 plus two electric motors.

Our RX350 test vehicle was equipped with all-wheel drive and managed adequate speed – but slow for this segment – in 6.9 seconds from zero to 60 mph.

The RX450his one of the few hybrids in this segment, but it also takes longer than average to hit 60 mph from a standstill.

What’s best about the RX is driving comfortably; it overcomes rough stretches of road and provides a suitable ride.

The cabin remains quiet and well insulated from the road, making the RX an excellent long-range cruiser.

2022 Lexus RX MPG

Fuel efficiency is the RX’s advantage, and not just because it is offered with an optional hybrid powertrain.

The non-hybrid RX350 doesn’t look efficient on paper. In the real world, however,

lexus rx 350 redesign 2022 Lows Lazy driving demeanor, relaxed acceleration

Both the RX350 and RX450h outperformed their EPA ratings and posted 31 mpg each in our 200-mile long highway fuel-economy test.

2022 Lexus RX Price and Release Date

The F Sport model looks the coolest, in our opinion, so we’ll go with the lightweight RX350 F Sport. Of the many RX option packages we will keep it simple and only add the Navigation package;

Equipped with a larger 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment screen, in-dashboard navigation, DVD / CD player,

And a 12-speaker audio system. Lexus hasn’t released an official price yet, so we estimated it above.

The Lexus 2022 Lexus RX starts at around $ 46,100 while the AWD is $ 1,400 more expensive.

The F Sport model starts at $ 49,575 while the Handling Package costs $ 51,975.

The RX 350 Black Line starts at $ 50,635 while the RX 450h Black Line costs $ 51,885. All Lexus RX 2021 trim models are available to order now.

The Lexus RX 350 BlackLine is only available for 750 units and 250 units of the RX 450h Black Line which will be made for the US market.

The prices are US $ 50,635 (around Rp.745 million) and US $ 51,885 (around Rp.763 million), respectively.

Other Lexus Black Line models in the US include the NX Black Line, ES Black Line, and GS Black Line.

Meanwhile, for the 2022 Lexus RX, so far we have not received official and accurate information, it is likely to increase significantly,

And seeing the status of the automotive world which is also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we also still doubt that the 2022 Lexus RX will be present next year.

However, we are still monitoring and seeing the developments that are happening.