2022 Lexus RC: Next-Gen Lexus RC Series Review

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2022 Lexus RC: Next-Gen Lexus RC Series Review

2022 Lexus RC Don’t jump to conclusions and start with facts. Lexus Enthusiast, taking a report from the Japanese website Best Car, said the next-generation RC Coupe could be the recipient of a platform sharing program between Mazda and Toyota.

To be honest, the only thing that was surprising here was that they didn’t make it with BMW. Even though it’s one of the biggest brands in the world, Toyota doesn’t like to waste its money.

So co-developed sports models are quite common, starting with the legendary Toyobaru you’re probably thinking about right now.

Also, the report doesn’t actually imply that the existing Mazda platform will be used. About a month ago, we encountered a very interesting new development: six-cylinder, inline-6 ​​engines of the SkyActiv-X, and SkyActiv-D types.

And they will not hide as usual. Instead, Mazda has a new platform called Grand Architecture, which will support most mid-to-high-end models. Basically, you will have fewer reasons to buy that BMW or Mercedes now.

Various reports have also hinted that while the company cannot build another RX-8 with a Wankel engine, another sports car is in the works. So the next generation Lexus RC can actually own a sister car instead of just borrowing Mazda technology.

Period of time? Well, the Japanese website further suggests that the next generation RC coupe will be ready in 2022. After that, the fifth-generation Lexus IS sedan will also be out in 2026, complete with the Mazda SkyActiv-X inline-6.

Of course, this could all be a fake, as Best Car also said a 600 horsepower Lexus V8 supercar is coming.

2022 Lexus RC News

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One look at the Lexus RC 2021 is enough to start your engine for a thrilling two-lane test drive, but from behind the wheel of this sporty-looking coupe is anything but.

Four-cylinder drive and rear wheel with a turbocharger are standard; The V-6 is optional, as is all-wheel drive.

It has adequate acceleration but is not class-leading, and the RC lacks the sharp handling of some of its competitors. The advantage is that these two doors mimic the ride of other Lexus models.

There is plenty of room for two adults to cruise comfortably in the front seats, but the rider in the rear seats will feel the pressure. Some of the technology’s features are standard, including an infotainment system with a Wi-Fi hotspot and several driver assistance features.

A Black Line RC Special Edition is available for the 2021 model year – apart from black exterior details and ash wood interior trim, this limited production RC F Sport model comes with two matching Zero Halliburton suitcase sets.

Otherwise, minor changes, including blind-spot monitoring, becoming standard, and a parking sensor are added to the optional Premium package.

2022 Lexus RC Engine

The RC300 is powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder that produces 241 horsepower and is mated exclusively to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Rear-wheel drive is the only setup.

We found that the automatic was suitable for a turbo-four, but the engine was not capable of pulling the RC in a fast manner. Lexus offers two versions of the V-6 to overcome the lack of power.

Under the hood of the all-wheel-drive RC300, the V-6 produces 255 horsepower and is paired with a six-speed automatic. The top-range RC350 gets a 306-hp V-6 which works the same as an eight-speed automatic (RWD only) or six-speed (AWD only).

In our tests, we found this machine to be very smooth with linear power delivery, but still not as bold as its competitors. While it worked 5., the BMW 440i coupe we tested did its thing in 4.4 seconds. Ride comfort is where RC works – and it does it’s very well.

Upgrading to bigger wheels with lower-profile tires, as shown on the RC350 F Sport we tested, does provide a sharper edge when driving, but never rough.

RC isn’t quite as excited as the faster coupe when it comes to enthusiastic driving, but there’s still room to play. The steering wheel gives off a good sense of the road, and there’s enough feedback to let you know when the front tire loses grip on the curb.

2022 Lexus RC MPG

The fuel economy ratings for all available RC engines are not outstanding and outperform most competitors.

Real-world performance of a four-cylinder turbocharger on our road fuel-economy rest route turned out to be a disappointing 29 mpg; in our tests, many high-powered rivals matched or exceeded their road estimates.

In fact, the more powerful RC350 F Sport we tested was the same as the turbo-four result.

2022 Lexus RC Interior

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The well-made RC interior is stylish, comfortable, and spacious, but only for the front seat passengers.

Its wild exterior styling also comes with an interior flaw: a big blind spot. The front seats on our RC350 F Sport test vehicle were supportive, well-cushioned, and wrapped in resilient leather.

All RC models come with dual-zone automatic climate control that is adjusted with a touch-sensitive slider control that is surprisingly intuitive and easy to use. Cargo space is limited on RC, so if you want to travel long distances it is best if you bring a light item with you.

While the RC luggage swallowed up four of our carry-on bags, it only managed to add five with the two rear seats folded. Storing small items throughout the cabin isn’t that much, but Lexus’ rivals also don’t offer much.

All RC models come with a 7.0-inch infotainment display that is arranged inside a multi-level dashboard. The system is controlled by knobs and a series of buttons on the center console.

When equipped with one of the two optional navigation packages, the system swaps the rotary knob for a laptop-style touchpad which is frustrating to use due to its imprecision.

Onboard Wi-Fi with 4G LTE, Apple CarPlay, and Amazon Alexa integration are all standard, but you can’t get Android Auto.

2022 Lexus RC RC Coupe

The Lexus RC Coupe receives several minor updates for the 2021MY, which are highlighted by the new limited Black Line Special Edition.

Lexus will offer the 2021 RC Coupe with Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert as standard throughout its lineup while the exterior color palette now includes a new Grecian Water paint option in addition to eight more colors.

2022 Lexus RC RC F

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With a massive V-8 engine under the hood, a rear-wheel-drive layout, and a suspension tuned for a sporty ride, the Lexus RC F 2021 adds punch to the luxury coupe brand lineup.

A 472-hp, the RC F is fast and sounds fun, but fails to deliver the sharp handling of rivals like the Audi RS5 or the Mercedes-AMG C63 coupe.

The RC F is unchanged from the 2020 model year except for the new Fuji Speedway Edition model. The special edition is limited to just 60 cars and comes in exterior colors Arctic Blast Satin (matte white) or Cloudburst Gray, both with red leather interiors.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of the 60 Fuji Speedway Edition cars, you will also receive a limited production MSTR watch to go with it. Blind-spot monitoring, memory front seat, and Android Auto have all become standard this year and the base model gets heated exterior mirrors.

2022 Lexus RC F Interior

The interior is roomy for two people but the rear seats are narrow for adults. Fortunately for those sitting at the front, Lexus provides a comfortable bucket seat and lots of luxurious features. A complete set of driver assistance systems also comes standard, and the RC F is equipped with a well-connected infotainment system.

The RC F cabin is renowned for its luxurious comfort and elegant design. The front seats are a great place to spend your ride, and the interior is home to chic style and premium materials.

Technically, the coupe provides a four-seater, however, the narrow rear seats are best used for cargo storage.

At the back, the RC F trunk offers 10.1 cubic feet of space for your belongings. That’s less space than you’ll get with rivals like the BMW M4 coupe (11.0 cubic feet) and the Mercedes-AMG C43 4Matic (10.5 cubic feet).

Lexus has equipped the RC F with the technological features that modern buyers crave. The base model is equipped with Scout GPS Link navigation and a 10-speaker audio system with SiriusXM satellite radio.

Bluetooth connectivity is standard, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both ready for hassle-free device integration. All models are equipped with Amazon Alexa compatibility as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot that allows you to easily connect to the internet.

The infotainment system comes standard with a 7.0-inch display screen, and a larger 10.3-inch screen is available as an upgrade. Integrated navigation and Mark Levinson’s sound system is optional.

2022 Lexus RC F Exterior

The striking design cues that made Lexus known as a brand continue in the RC F 2021 as well. The Lexus RC F is definitely well proportioned, however, we can argue on the fact that the rear overhang seems a little too long for a coupe. But its sharp lines and sporty character help make up for this debatable flaw.

A more aggressive look is the Lexus RC-F Track Edition Coupe 2021 which gets special carbon fiber panels and more track-oriented components such as a fixed carbon-fiber rear wing and specially designed Michelin tires.

But both the conscious and the brave RC F have the same foundation and thus prove its versatility as a day-to-day driver as well as a great track machine.

Its triple beam LED headlamps are a striking feature and this car would make the perfect cover for Megatron! But RC F, even after being made with such courage is getting old.

The latest blow comes from the somewhat controversial BMW M4 coupe 2021 which has “a lot” to the design of its kidney grille. The Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 loves class and the Audi RS5 is ready for reincarnation.

2022 Lexus RC F Engine

All Lexus RC F 2021 coupes are motivated by a 5.0-liter V-8 engine that produces 472 horsepower and 395 lb-ft of torque. An eight-speed automatic transmission sends power to the rear wheels.

During our test in 2014, the RC F managed from zero to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds. For 2020 the RC F received a slight increase in power and a lighter curb weight, allowing it to go up to 60 in just 4.1 seconds this time.

Even with a slight increase, another pick in this segment provides faster acceleration. For example, the BMW M4 Competition that we tested was successful from rest to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds.

The RC F comes standard with a drive mode setting that lets you adjust the car’s performance. Its smooth handling makes it a comfortable choice for everyday riding.

2022 Lexus RC MPG

According to the EPA, the Lexus RC F achieves 16/24 mpg city/highway mileage. It’s less fuel-efficient than rival coupes like the BMW M4 (18/25 mpg). While using the RC F, we observed a distance of 15 mpg.

2022 Lexus RC RC Black Line Special Edition

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Great style. Dynamic performance. Next-generation technology. The Lexus RC is a refined luxury sports coupe, made to stand out. For 2021, awe-inspiring two doors add a new RC Black Line Special Edition to its lineup, offering Lexus owners a new way to express their courage.

For added peace of mind and comfort, the Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert is now standard across the RC range.

Since its introduction in 2014, RC has played a major role in expressing Lexus’ commitment to providing an emotional driving experience.

Thanks to its aggressive style and versatile driving character, the RC has become a highly sought-after coupe by enthusiasts who value world-class performance and craftsmanship.

BlackLine Special Edition maintenance is available on the RC 300 and RC 350 but limited to 350 units only. The Black Line Special Edition is standard with Premium Triple-Beam LED headlamps, 19-inch F SPORT wheels (coated in Black Chrome Sputtering), and a darkened exhaust tip.

Exterior colors include the all-new Ultra White or Cloudburst Gray. On the inside, there is a Black Nuluxe and Ash Wood theme with silver stitching accents all over the place.

With its muscular build and aggressive demeanor, RC seamlessly balances eye-catching style with impressive technology. Upfront, the bold fascia, and available Premium Triple-Beam LED headlamps to announce their arrival.

Meanwhile, the strong character lines sweep toward the dramatic rear mosquito net and LED taillights, creating a captivating look from every angle.

A total of nine different exterior colors are available for RC, including a new color, Grecian Water, which truly shows the athletic nature of the coupes.

2022 Lexus RC Black Line Design

If you’re wondering about the car and not the suitcase, all RC Black Lines come with Triple-Beam LED headlights, 19-inch F Sport wheels with a finish called Lexus Black Sputtering Chrome (black as a flash in the sun), and a pair of tips. dark exhaust.

The Black Line car won’t even be available in black. Instead, two-color choices are Ultra White and Cloudburst Gray.

The successful Lexus Special Edition Black Line maintenance is available on the RC 300 and RC 350. Based on the F SPORT class, the 350 unit Black Line model reflects Lexus’ core values ​​of omotenashi (Japanese for anticipatory hospitality) and Takumi expertise with its uniqueness. premium finish that is sure to catch the attention of both passengers and passersby.

Each Black Line Special Edition comes with standard Premium Triple-Beam LED headlights. The striking design of the headlamps is more than just lighting the road ahead – it impresses at every turn.

Adding to the features of the Black Line are the 19-inch F SPORT wheels finished in Black Sputtering Chrome, and the exhaust tip is darkened. Guests can choose the new Ultra White or Cloudburst Gray as the exterior color.

Inside, passengers will see a combination of surfaces covered in Black Nuluxe with silver stitching accents. Ash Wood trim on the RC steering wheel and associated cabin parts are standard on all Black Line Special Editions.

For the Lexus Black Line 2021 Special Edition series, renowned luxury brand Zero Halliburton ® provides customers with a set of travel bags tailor-made for Lexus. Lexus Black Line Zero Halliburton special baggage includes a 22-inch Continental Carry-on Edge Lightweight and a 26-inch Medium Travel Case.

2022 Lexus RC Black Line Engine

The RC 300 is powered by a 2.0-liter, twin-scroll turbocharged engine and a highly responsive direct-injection four-cylinder in-line intercooler. Power jump in 241 horsepower.

The RC 300 didn’t give up thanks to Lexus engineers who spent years researching, developing, and refining its turbochargers. Producing 258 lb-ft of torque from 1,650 to 4,400 rpm, this engine is paired with a rear-wheel-drive system and an eight-speed Sport Direct-Shift automatic transmission, and easy fuel consumption, at an initial 30 miles-per-gallon highway estimate.

The RC 300 AWD pairs a six-speed automatic transmission with a 260 horsepower 3.5-liter V6.

Featuring Intelligent Variable Valve Timing, this engine is designed to provide additional torque at lower speeds and more horsepower at higher speeds. These enhancements combine to produce 236 lb-ft of torque from 2,000 to 4,800 pm.

The RC 350 and RC 350 AWD 311-horsepower, 3.5 liter V6 produce 280 lb-ft of torque at 4,800 rpm and offer direct fuel injection and port, not to mention, stunning sound reminiscent of LFA supercars.

All-wheel drive the RC 350 has a six-speed automatic transmission, while the rear-wheel-drive model is equipped with an eight-speed Sport Direct-Shift transmission.

And in F SPORT rear-wheel drive, the available Torsen limited-slip rear differential helps maximize the driver’s ability to get out of corners. The RC 350 can accelerate from 0 to 60 in an estimated 5.8 seconds (RWD) and 6.0 seconds (AWD).

2022 Lexus RC Black Line Interior

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From careful stitching to signature wood trim, the RC delivers the ideal combination of performance and luxury. While every part of the performance cockpit, the RC interior envelops the driver and passengers with astonishing craftsmanship.

Available perforated trim epitomizes sophistication and evocative style, while Linear Espresso and Linear Dark Mocha wood accents offer unmatched artistry. Analog clocks and expressive gauges give the elegant cab an extra level of smoothness.

Individual settings for climate control allow the driver and front passenger to adjust to their preferred temperature.

And, to help ensure the cabin stays fresh and beautiful, the smoke sensor system automatically switches to recirculation mode if it detects high levels of pollutants outside.

In total, there are seven exclusive interior color combinations available, including for the F Sport.

2022 Lexus RC Price and Release Date

The RC is an attractive car because it is inherently sporty; However, he failed to live up to the illusion. It leaves us wondering whether to step up to a more powerful RC350, with or without the F Sport package.

Those looking for the luxury and performance of a two-door coupe should consider one of its competitors, such as the Genesis G70 or the Audi A5 Sportback.

Instead, we’ll stick with the entry-level RC300 which has all the styles of the RC350 for a fraction of the price. Those who want an all-wheel drive can have it for around $ 2700 more.

We also chose the Premium package which added heated and ventilated front seats, rain sensor wipers, and more. The individual choices we like are the 19-inch wheels, parking sensor, sunroof, heated steering wheel, and upgraded LED headlights.

As far as we know for the price and release schedule for the 2022 Lexus RC, there is no official information yet because the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to shift the release schedule. We will continue to update the information on this website.

At the moment, the Lexus RC 300 starts at $ 41,295 with rear-wheel drive, while the all-wheel-drive model starts at $ 43,985. The RC 350 starts at $ 44,225 with rear-wheel drive or $ 46,390 if you choose all-wheel drive. The F Sport models start at $ 46,365 and go up from there.

RC300 – $ 43,145
RC350 – $ 46,075
RC300 F Sport – $ 47,615
RC350 F Sport – $ 50,545