2019 Lexus NX 300h MPG

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2019 Lexus NX 300h MPG

2019 Lexus NX 300h MPG No, you’re not going crazy, the hybrid badges on the back quarter panel of Lexus’s most frugal picks are getting really more ubiquitous. After all, Lexus is the most successful of Japanese luxury vending machines and its flowering can be traced back to reliability, spindle grids and the rapid success of the NX. With the temporary designation as the smallest SUV in the lineup, while the UX has evolved to cast the compact crossover niche of the BMW X2 and Mercedes GLA, the NX has helped propel Lexus into the same weight class as its German rivals, If he made the automakers by sales figures.

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Curiosity got the best of us, forcing our fingers to email Lexus and asking if we could borrow an NX for a week. We wanted to see if consumers were rightfully sneaked over their hard-earned cash for the NX or if sales have accumulated due to a misguided love of these aggressive looks that help wealthy football mums, their children still Not to have robbed of their identity.

Lexus responded to our request by sending an Atomic Silver NX 300h to our front door — the last letter in the name calling this model a hybrid — ready for an overheated ride through the streets of Arizona. Our conclusion: The NX isn’t perfect — like any vehicle — but it’s easy to see how it has allowed Toyota’s luxury offshoots to infiltrate American roads and work its way to dominance. Lexus released the NX in late 2014 before giving it the facelift seen here for 2018.

Given that Lexus parent Toyota considers the patent the world’s most popular hybrid system, it was not surprising that Lexus planned to keep it in the NX. These “hybrid ” badges mean this NX is equipped with a 2.5-liter inline foursome glued to a CVT, while two electric motors, one addition to the engine at the front and another at the rear, which justify the AWD designation, one Electric propulsion instead of the 2.0 lifeforce-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that the non-hybrid NX 300 gets. The hybrid system together makes 194bhp, 41 ponies less than the petrol version, which is paired with a six-speed automatic and sends the power either forward or all four wheels.

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As Lexus walked up from our driveway and plowed onto the main road, with the air conditioning on the high and cooled seats beaming chilled air onto our backsides, it showed that Lexus thought drivers who prefer the hybrid NX were from the undisturbed Variant — would prove that The 8.8 seconds it takes until the 300 hours from standstill is 60 km/h. But as the cabin cooled and the NX caught up with the pace of traffic, we were able to keep our eyes on the well-thought-out interior.

Soft black leather covers every part of the NX’s cabin that frequently comes into contact with the driver and passenger skin, while the leather-wrapped steering wheel calms the confidence of the direct but non-communicative steering wheel. Plastic, which looks like metal cladding, accentuates the interior and gives a visual change to an otherwise dark and monochrome cabin. Not like this crossover needs more optical distractions, but the 50 + buttons that sit within reach of the driver steal a lot of attention and could easily overwhelm technophobes on a bad day. In line with Lexus ‘ brand philosophy, most buttons control comfort and comfort features.

The buttons that don’t tinker with the HVAC or the audio system are dedicated to either adjusting the ride modes or adjusting driver assistance settings. Thank goodness any complication can be eliminated by clutching the wheel, looking at the road, putting your right foot on the pedals and riding. The cockpit is closed to keep out an angry sun, but it feels cozy, but not narrowly — C pillars prohibit seeing and promoting reliance on the fuse cameras (plural because of the 360-degree surround view), but a large amount of The rear head space provides comfort that is not sacrificed. The occupants have usually isolated from the outside world thanks to a ride that has been calmed down on this facelifted model and a smooth suspension that toward calm, even if it kills the momentum.

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The NX doesn’t quite soak bumps and highway expansion joints, as the body roll suggests, but on most road surfaces, the crossover remains composed and unfettered in its mission to sweep Americans who are missing from their Commuter tools want to be as comfort and style off your feet. In this one, the NX is the most successful. Ask for more and you may be disappointed because from the start the NX was designed as a driver’s car, not a driver’s machine.

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2019 Lexus NX 300h MPG

After some very small updates last year, the Lexus NX 300h for 2019 returns unchanged. As a hybrid version of the gasoline-only NX 300, it ensures excellent fuel consumption. The EPA’s estimated 31 mpg in the combined City/Highway drive are unchallenged among the small luxury crossover SUV. The hybrid powertrain also doesn’t suck the life out of the experience. There’s enough power, and the added oomph of the electric motors makes it pleasantly responsive when speeding from a stop.

Like the regular NX 300, the 300h has spacious rear seats and a smooth and quiet highway ride. Unfortunately, both NX models suffer from above-average cargo capacity and an infotainment system that is often distracting. All in all, though, the 2019 Lexus NX 300h is a reasonable choice among the entry-level luxury crossover. It balances sophistication, style, and comfort with thrift on the gas pump. In particular, we selected the 2019 Lexus NX 300h as one of Edmunds ‘ best luxury hybrid SUVs for this year.

MSRP $38,835