2019 Lexus NX F Sport Review

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2019 Lexus NX F Sport Review

2019 Lexus NX F Sport Review The Lexus NX 2019 is a compact luxury crossover SUV featuring a bold alternative to its German and American rivals. After a visual update last year, the 2019 NX is carried out with few changes, apart from removing the fused pearl as a paint color on the NX 300 and the compatibility of new standard Apple display. While the NX was first considered Brash by its angular appearance when it was launched as a model 2015, other competitors have caught up, and we are accustomed to bold looks for now. The F Sports model adds visual and manipulation intrigue to the metal sheet, but inside, the NX is reserved and business-type with high-quality materials and a variety of upholstery colors.

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What was the NX 200T became the NX 300 last year, keeping its Turbo-4 of 235 horsepower and any front wheel drive or on all wheels with a 6-speed automatic transmission? For those seeking more frugality in the pump, the NX 300h hybrid is coupled to an electric drive system with a 2.5 in-line 4-liter for a total of 194 HP. NX’s strong suit is in its comfort and features, with front support seats that are adjustable in many ways, although the rear seats are less than ideal support. The legroom and headroom are good for front and rear passengers despite a shorter wheelbase than competitors, and the cargo room is more generous than its inclined roof would suggest.

The 2019 NX was a winner of the IIHS Pick + Premium Security Award and unchanged, it must repeat the honor of 2019. It also received a general 5-star rating from the federal government and comes with several active safety features such as automatic emergency braking as standard.

With a low base price of around $36,000, the NX is well equipped out of the box and offers plenty of options for those looking for luxury features. The F Sports setting adds a lot of style flourishes, but not much in the way of higher performance. Lexus has also finally added Apple’s display as the standard for all 2019 NXs built from October 2018 onwards, a welcome addition because its aging Infotainment system can be a pain to use.

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The 2019 NX comes standard with many features that you should expect from a luxury crossover SUV, including 17-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone climate control, energy-adjustable front seats, an 8.0-inch screen, headlights Automatic and Bluetooth connectivity. For 2019, the options remain the same, including the Comfort package, which adds seating with heating and ventilation, and a blind spot monitoring system. The deluxe package includes leather upholstery, energy-driven tailgate, wood moldings and mirrors with automatic attenuation and blind spot monitoring system that also includes the Comfort package.

With traction on all wheels, leather and some options, the price balloons of NX 300 at about $46,000, but that’s not offline with their rivals. Opting for buyers of navigation networks a 10.3-inch Infotainment screen that unfortunately does not update the frustrating user interface or performance. Fortunately, the compatibility of Apple’s display and the integration of Amazon Alexa were added to the 2019 NX starting at the end of 2018: Look for one with these features for a much better experience.

2019 Lexus NX F Sport Interior

Although its length is within an inch or two of most competitors, the NX has a relatively short wheelbase, which has a negative effect on the interior space. Front-seat passengers are treated with comfortable, adjustable seats with multiple powers, with support cushions and a slightly lower seating position than competitors, which makes a lot of room for the head. The F Sports model comes with Even better thrones that are superior, and have a lateral reinforcement for energetic driving.

In the back, the short wheelbase of the NX is calling, as the seat cushions are flatter than they should be and the leg room could be better. The sloping roof makes it harder to see outside the rear window, and although the rear seats have the ability to recline with the power operation, this is a car to drive instead of being driven in.

The standard synthetic leather has a tough feeling that should wear well, while the optional real leather is a luxury. The loading space is also negatively affected by the short wheelbase, with only 54.6 cubic feet with the seats dejected, among the lowest in its competitive set. With the seats in place, that number is contracted to 17.7 cubic feet, and the sloping roof makes the items taller, boxier more difficult to transport.

The 2019 Lexus NX also achieved a general five-star rating from the federal government, although the front-end and rollover-shock tests yielded only a four-star result. As for IIHS scores, the NX received a “good” score on each test including headlights, as well as “superior ” for its standard frontal shock prevention technology.

A complete set of active security technology is standard on all NX models, including automatic emergency braking, lane-exit warnings, adaptive cruise control, and high-beam automatic front headlights. The NX slanted ceiling makes the three-quarter rear view poor, although this problem is not unique among compact luxury crosses due to stringent requirements for NHTSA ceiling resistance.

2019 Lexus NX F Sport Engine

The NX 300 (NEE NX 200T) is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 that makes 235 horsepower and comes standard with a 6-speed automatic transmission and any front wheel drive or all wheels. The NX 300h Hybrid uses a 4-cylinder 2.5-liter cylinder with an electrical battery system to manage 194 HP in total and comes standard with all-wheel drive thanks to the electric motors that feed the rear wheels. The NX 300h uses a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT).

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The Turbo-4 provides a decent push on the NX 300 but may feel unrefined. In general, the NX 300h is softer and offers more linear and predictable acceleration. Opting for the F Sports package on the NX 300 adds traction on all wheels and some visual treats, but does not increase the output of the engine. However, the suspension has been slightly adjusted and the 18-inch wheels more aggressive and the tires make the F Sport more enjoyable to drive on a road with curves than the standard NX. In addition, the F Sports models obtain a special “Sport + ” mode that increases the throttle response and keep the engine revolutions higher for longer and channels some increased engine noises in the cockpit.

In general, the NX is geared for comfort and tranquility, with a slight steering effort and not much body balancing for a crossover SUV. The 6-speed automatic on the NX turbocharged shows its age with slow changes, and holding the accelerator in the hybrid can cause an incessant hum of the CVT. The hybrid model also includes an electric-only mode that feeds the car below 30 mph.

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2019 Lexus NX F Sport Price

Being the highest crossover and more SUV in this segment means that the gas-powered NX is not as efficient as its lower-pitched opponents. The hybrid powertrain achieves considerable gains in the pump, but its acceleration performance is hampered by its weaker power. The non-hybrid NX achieved 27 MPG in our real-world road fuel economy test. However, the GLA250 was more efficient with a result of 34 MPG. The NX300h hybrid administered 32 MPG in the same test.

2019 Lexus NX F Sport Review

  • Price Starting at $37,380
  • NX300: $37,380
  • NX300 F Sport: $39,770
  • NX300h: $39,730