2023 Lexus LS: The New Lexus LS Luxury Sedan Exclusive Review

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2023 Lexus LS is a full-size sedan available in an optional hybrid configuration. It competes with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7-Series, and Tesla Model S.

Interest in the full-size luxury sedan may be waning, but those who find themselves taking delivery of the new Lexus LS will find a regal sedan with thrilling details.

Minor changes for 2022 include revised headlights and additional interior trim options, plus some minor under-the-hood revisions designed to make the engine quieter.

A limited-edition Inspiration Series trim package was added to the LS 500h, arriving at the end of the 2022 model year.

The LS remains a large flagship sedan that prioritizes rear-seat space. Looking sharp but somewhat subtle, at least against the more flamboyant Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the LS is a status symbol that doesn’t scream about its riches. That’s the Lexus way.

Inside, the car looks understated at first glance but can be stunning in its attention to detail. From cut glass to ultra-thin foil applique, the LS reminds us that luxury is more than glossy wood trim.

Lexus offers a pair of V-6 engines. The LS 500 uses a turbocharged V-6 to push 416 hp to the rear or all four wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission.

The LS 500h uses a naturally aspirated V-6 paired with an electric motor and a small lithium-ion battery pack for mid-20s mpg with low guilt and good performance.

Neither LS is completely fun to drive, and the ride can be a touch to suit our tastes. Still, there is no doubt that these four doors are quiet cruisers.

The LS wants few in terms of luxury features, and standard safety technology includes the usual collision avoidance technology.

More advanced functionality that can steer the car off the pedestrian path or automatically change lanes can be found in the list of options.

2023 Lexus LS Review

The 2023 flagship Lexus LS 500 is reportedly not going to be beaten in the tech bet by its cheaper showroom counterparts for a long time.

2023 Lexus LS

Japanese outlet Creative Trend reports from dealer sources that the Lexus LS will receive various updates this year, with an expected October 2022 launch in Japan.

Most notably, the car’s aging infotainment system will reportedly be replaced with a new system featured in the updated UX and new NX and LX.

In addition to a fresh look, the new Lexus Interface features over-the-air updates and greater support for voice commands.

It’s unclear whether the touchscreen will increase in size. The current LS has a 12.3-inch display, but a larger 14-inch unit can be found in the new NX.

The LS will reportedly be the next Lexus to deliver the much-maligned Remote Touch trackpad.

It’s unclear what will fill its space on the center console. The updated UX 2023 now has heated and ventilated seats and heated steering wheel controls in this place, and the updated ES will reportedly follow suit.

Lexus will reportedly upgrade the LS surround-view camera system, with a transparent display plus a “wide front view system”.

As part of a series of updates for 2021, Lexus revamped the LS suspension to improve ride quality.

Lexus engineers are reported to be further improving ride quality by updating the “mounting member part of the rear suspension”, according to the Creative Trends report.

The report doesn’t mention any cosmetic changes beyond some of Lexus’ recent badge updates.

While the LS will reportedly not replace its rear L badge with a spaced Lexus wordmark like the new NX and LX, it will reportedly lose the Lexus wordmark at the bottom of the boot lid.

Like other Lexus model updates, the LS500h will also reportedly lose the blue highlights on its badge and will get rid of the side skirt-mounted hybrid badge.

Like basically everything else in this fairly low volume segment, the LS lives in the shadow of its Australian rival Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Fresh from a complete redesign, the S-Class sits at 74 sales year-to-date. Lexus has sold eight LS sedans this year, a lineball with the soon to be updated Audi A8 but behind the BMW 7 Series (23) and Porsche Panamera (21).

Best Lexus LS Ever!

As the flagship of the dazzling Lexus lineup, the LS Sedan sets the standard of luxury and refinement for the brand with its entry-level powertrain is a smooth-running twin-turbo V-6 but lacks the power of a V-8.

The powertrain upgrade is a hybrid setup that isn’t quite refined for a car in this high category. However, the cabin trim is first class, and the LS offers passengers comfort and polish.

Drivers may find the LS’s driving stance a bit of a drag, but the ride is comfortable and the interior is quiet.

Those major rivals like the Audi A8, BMW 7-series, and Mercedes-Benz S-class nailing the balance between comfort, luxury, and sport only serve to highlight the LS’ weak points.

Lexus’ flagship sedan is essentially unchanged but the base model can now be had with the optional Mark Levinson stereo system and some of the car’s standard driver assistance has been upgraded.

Haku’s unique metal leaf door trim is now available on cars equipped with Luxury and Executive packages.

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2023 Lexus LS 500

The Lexus LS500 F Sport is the entry point to the LS range and was priced at $195,325 before on-road costs in the LS500h hybrid guise or $195,830 before on-road in the LS500 when tested.

An additional $5000 or more gets you the ultimate in Sports Luxury.

When the Lexus LS first came out in 1990, it offered a package the size of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class but at the price of a mid-range E-Class.

Those days are long gone, with the latest LS now occupying the same price bracket as its similarly sized German rival. It still has an edge on paper, however, in the power department – ​​more on that later.

It should be noted that Lexus no longer offers two different LS lengths, as Germany still does. Your only option is a single body 5235mm long with a wheelbase of 3125mm.

In contrast, the A8 is 5172mm at a wheelbase of 2998mm, the A8L is 5302mm/3128mm, the S450 is 5180mm/3106mm, the S450L is 5290mm/3216mm, the 740i is 5120mm/3070mm and the 740Li is 5260mm/3210mm.

Having said that, the Lexus does offer more power and metal for your money than a similarly priced German car, although we’re not talking about Gulf War-era chasm value.

2023 Lexus LS Interior

Flowing lines, intricately patterned fabrics, and rich leather upholstery fill the LS cabin. If you want to look your best, opt for real wood trim, artful glass inserts, and cleverly pleated door panel fabrics.

The passenger room is spacious enough for four adults. Adding a fifth person in the standard three-across rear seat would deny the passenger a true luxury experience, so we recommend opting for the optional bucket seat.

The back seat backrest is fixed, so that large cargo items may not easily fit into the LS. The trunk, however, for the LS500 and the larger hybrid models, holds six carry-on luggage each.

Both the Audi A8 and Genesis G90 accommodate the same amount of luggage.

All LS models come with Amazon Alexa, Apple CarPlay capabilities, navigation, and a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, all controlled via the new 12.3-inch touchscreen.

That means the fussy touchpad on the center console is no longer the only way to adjust vehicle settings, change audio sources, or set destinations in navigation menus.

The system also recognizes some voice commands. That said, is it too much to ask for physical buttons for things like seat heating? Lexus apparently thought so.

To activate this feature, the user must switch to the screen.

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2023 Lexus LS Engine

The standard engine in the LS is a twin-turbocharged 3.4 liter V-6 that makes a smooth 416 horsepower. It sounds smooth and powerful under heavy throttle but is quiet while driving.

A 10-speed automatic handles gearshifts. Performance was more than adequate for the car’s mission of luxury, but the V-8-powered BMW 7-series and Mercedes-Benz S-class variants proved faster on the test track.

The model badge LS500h features a hybrid powertrain that uses a 3.5-liter V-6 and two electric motors to make 354 horsepower.

While the standard twin-turbo V-6 operates smoothly, the hybrid setup feels neither subtle nor luxurious at all.

The engine sounds husky and rugged, and the transmission—a combination of a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) and a regular four-speed automatic—steps through the preset gear ratios with all the crunch of soggy cornflakes.

2023 Lexus LS MPG

The fuel economy estimates for the hybrid are indeed better than the nonhybrid LS500 figures, so if you’re looking to save money at the pump, we think that’s the quality that makes up for the LS500h powertrain.

Whereas the rear-wheel-drive LS500 claims 30/19 mpg highway/city, the rear-wheel-drive LS500h gets a 33/25 mpg rating from the EPA.

In our real-world testing, the all-wheel-drive LS500h managed to hit 30 mpg results on our 200-mile highway fuel-economy test. An all-wheel-drive LS500 F Sport manages 26 mpg. For more information on LS fuel economy, visit the EPA website.

2023 Lexus LS Price

We’d stick with the standard twin-turbocharged V-6 engine and rear-wheel drive if only to spare the funds for the LS’s coolest feature options.

We opted for the Luxury package which is expensive but worth it as it adds heated and cool front and rear seats with semi-aniline leather upholstery with 28-way power-adjustable front seats with massage.

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Equipped with a rear center console with touchscreen controls for climate, audio, and seat functions. Then four-zone automatic climate control and electric blinds at the rear.

Optionally adjustable air suspension, 20-inch wheels, a 360-degree camera system, real wood interior trim, and a heated wood and leather steering wheel all add to the Luxury package.

This pushed the price of the LS500 up $17,000, but it’s still cheaper than the base Mercedes-Benz S-class.

New Lexus LS 460 Price

The price range of the Lexus LS varies based on the trim level you choose. It starts at $195,325 and goes to $210,955 for the last year this model was produced.

The model range is available in the following body types starting with engine/transmission specifications.

Is Lexus LS 460 A Good Car

Lexus LS460 Reliability Rating Damage. The Lexus LS460’s Reliability Rating is 3.5 out of 5.0, which places it in a 10 out of 30 rating for a full-size luxury car.

The average annual repair cost is $767 which means it has an average cost of ownership.