Lexus LX 2022: Launching New Lexus LX SUV With V8 Twin-Turbo

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2022 Lexus LX The last Lexus LX arrived as a completely redesigned model in 2008, giving the big SUV maker a more modern look. Even though the SUV is entering its 15th model year in sales, we expect the Lexus LX 2022 to be a built-in model.

When Lexus introduced the LX in 2016, the large SUV came with an updated exterior design that has been carried over to the 2021 model year. As a carryover model, we expect the Lexus LX 2022 to have the same design as the current model. The LX has some amazing elements, like a big grille and a big hood.

The LX’s square, the brick-like design stands in stark contrast to the large, curvy SUV on sale. At the rear, the current LX features simple taillights, an upright rear liftgate, and recessed exhaust holes.

On the inside, the LX currently has a straightforward design that tries to hide the age of the SUV. The spacious center console has physical buttons and dials, but they are small and difficult to use.

A central analog clock in the center console separates the infotainment screen from the lower controls for the HVAC and audio system. Due to the square design of the LX, this SUV offers the driver a clear view of the outside of the vehicle. The Lexus LX 2022 will have the same interior design as the current model.

Lexus adapts the current LX with a 12.3-inch screen, Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa, voice recognition, a nine-speaker audio system, navigation, and satellite radio as standard. Optional features include a wireless smartphone charger, a rear-seat entertainment system, and a Mark Levinson audio system. We hope that the features of the LX technology don’t change until the 2022 model year.

The 5.7-liter V8 engine is the only motor available for the LX at the moment. As a carryover model, the 2022 LX will come with the same engine. Power is rated at 383 horsepower, while the engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The LX comes with a full-time four-wheel-drive system as standard.

Each LX is equipped with pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, ambient view camera, rear traffic warning, parking sensors, and a multi-terrain display monitor as standard equipment. The head-up display is the only optional feature. Neither NHTSA nor IIHS has yet to test the LX at this time. These safety features are expected to remain the same for the Lexus LX 2022.

Lexus LX 2022

The next-generation Lexus LX is one of more than ten new / improved electric cars scheduled to arrive in 2025. The luxury SUV could hit the market right after the donor car, the next-generation Land Cruiser (Toyota LC 300), premiered in the months next.

Lexus has confirmed two new product launches in 2021, and we think the company is referring to the Lexus LX 2022 and the Lexus NX 2022.

Presenting the Lexus LF-Z Electrified electric SUV coupe concept, Lexus briefed on its new electrification strategy in March. It will launch 20 new or better models by 2025, and more than ten of them will be electrified. At one end of the spectrum, there are radical BEVs like the production Lexus LF-Z Electrified, and on the other, traditional models like the Lexus LX will come in one or more partially electrified forms.

2022 Lexus LX Review

The All-New Lexus LX 2022 luxury brand is selling well in America, but a few segments are lagging. Namely, it takes a better or more crossover to compete with Germany.

A new report from the Japanese website Best Car Web claims it can shed light on what happened. However, we’re going to take this with a giant grain of salt, as it contradicts what we’ve heard in other reports.

As reported, the LandCruiser 200 Series recently lost the 227kW / 439Nm 4.6 liters naturally aspirated bent eight,

And the successor to the Series 300 will not return to the V8 well, as the 3.5 liters twin-turbo V6 will instead be a single- only one. petrol engine options. In contrast, the current LX has survived the naturally aspirated bend of its eight, 5.7 liter 270kW / 530Nm unit,

Allcarnews reports will be replaced by a twin-turbo V8 in the new model, as per a leak from a recent one. Lexus dealers conference.

lexus lx 2022 at low rpm with an advanced eight-speed paddle-shift transmission

The first thing they talked about was the Lexus LF. In case you didn’t know, that’s the name of the new flagship crossover model,

A bit like a high-riding LS. It’s already been pre-previewed by the Limitless concept, and while we’re confident it will come, a June 2021 release date looks a little unlikely.

However, this crooked eight won’t be the only petrol engine offered in the next LX, as the aforementioned 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 is also expected to be available,

Albeit in hybrid form, with an electric powertrain to share with the LandCruiser 300 Series.

However, the report claims the next LX will seriously raise the luxury stakes by seeking to compete with the Bentley Bentayga, which currently costs hundreds of thousands of dollars more.

This upscale push goes against Toyota’s plans for the LandCruiser 300 Series, which will “lose any kind of luxury focus in favor of hardcore off-road”, according to the report (see separate story below).

Like the LandCruiser 300 Series, the upcoming LX is expected to use a ladder-frame version of Toyota’s ubiquitous TNGA platform and come with a four-wheel-drive system only when it’s released in 2022.

The LF is supposed to compete with great luxury like the Bentley Bentayga, and our sources believe it requires a twin-turbo V8 engine.

True, one powertrain that was reported recently said that Toyota is stopping development. And at the end of the story, Best Car still says that the IS F and LC F are on their way with insane power.

But maybe they want to show off their old renderings.

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To be clear, we’d like Lexus to have a twin-turbo V8, but they’ll probably focus on the V6 and the electric platform.

Now, perhaps the most important car on the list is the Lexus NX. The current generation has always had a hard time, and its competitors have gotten a lot better in recent years.

According to our sources, the NX II will arrive in May 2022. They say some useful information there which suggests that it is similar to the Toyota Venza.

Powertrain-wise, it will have the 2.5-liter hybrid drive from the RAV4 and a new, bigger 2.4-liter turbo with around 300 hp.

Finally, the new Lexus LX is scheduled to arrive in October 2021. This full-size model is said to be more different from the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Lexus LX 570 Redesign 2022  and Lexus LX 600 Redesign 2022

It’s been more than a decade since the luxurious Lexus LX had a complete redesign, and no matter how powerful and capable the massive SUV is, age has undoubtedly caught up with it.

Fortunately, we probably won’t have to wait any longer for an all-new model, with a report from Lexus Enthusiast suggesting that the Lexus lx 570 redesigns 2022 release date is likely for the new generation model.

That means that the current model will last for at least a year or more.

Mag-X further claims that the LX will be built on a new truck platform and will borrow the LS sedan’s twin-turbo V6 engine.

If so, that translates to an output of 416 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque, boosting on the LX 570’s current naturally-aspirated 5.7-liter V8 (383 hp and 402 lb-ft of torque).

A smaller capacity turbo should also have fuel economy benefits.

However, this may not be the only engine option, as as we reported in October, Lexus filed a trademark filing for the name LX 600 – this would indicate a larger capacity engine than the LX 570, or a smaller turbo.

2022 Lexus LX Specs

Not all components will be shared with the Land Cruiser 300. While the next-generation Lexus LX will be more off-road capable than most luxury SUVs, it may still not match the LC 300’s mud-clogging prowess. The suspension arrangements can be different, aiming to overcome the limitations of the ladder frame chassis, with a focus on comfort.

The LC 300, for reference, is rumored to have independent front suspension and four-link rear suspension, with a choice of configurations that utilize AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension System), KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System), or E-KDSS (TBA) with AVS. The front and rear locking differentials, as well as the rear torque sensor Limited Slip Differential (LSD), can be options for the differential variants in the next generation LX.

The Lexus LX 570 S variant has been introduced in Australia for MY2021 and could be the last launch in the current generation. Could it be that the next-generation Lexus LX 2022 has a similar ‘S’ variant at the top?

The Lexus LX 570 S is a tidied-up version, and a distinguishing feature is the redesigned spindle grille in which the mesh-block insert, not the wire-mesh insert, adds novelty. The grille consists of about 70 gloss black ‘blocks’, with those positioned on the sides of the Lexus logo angled towards the center.

Two-color (21-inch 10-spoke) wheels made their debut on the Lexus LX 570 S, in a color scheme reminiscent of the Lexus LC. The S variant flaunts a revised front bumper and an ‘S’ badge on the rear. The interior can be defined in an exclusive rich burgundy color called Garnet and a unique ornament in ‘Shimamoku Gray.’ The puddle light with ‘LX S’ projection, performance dampers, and alloy pedals are further highlights of the Lexus LX 570 S.

2022 Lexus LX Design

The Lexus LX will have a significant visual difference from the next-generation Land Cruiser, Japan’s Best Car magazine reported. The Lexus LX 2022 will become more luxurious and different from the donor in a new way, seen as an attempt by the design team to overcome new competitors and acquire a unique personality.

Many LX customers feel that their SUV is not that different from the Land Cruiser 200. The Lexus SUV is endowed with a completely new front look and is made to look sharper and bolder. However, the uniqueness is not so visible in the side and back corners.

According to the Japanese publication, designers have gotten around this with the next-generation Lexus LX, which gets an individualized design for the hood and outer panel after the C-pillar. The report briefly states that the interior will also carry an exclusive look, but it must be determined to what extent.

The donor (Toyota LC 300) is expected to be slightly longer and taller than its predecessor (LC 200), and it is expected that the cabin is more spacious on the Lexus derivative. The new LX can pass several weight measurements, and one aspect of it could be an aluminum roof, an option that reduces weight and lowers the center of gravity.

Lexus LX 2022 Hybrid

The Lexus LX 2022 will sit on the new TNGA truck platform, and for the first time receive a hybrid variant. The LX is currently the only global Lexus vehicle that does not feature a hybrid as it is based on a 12-year-old Toyota Land Cruiser J200 motorized transport that uses both petrol and diesel engines.

The Lexus LX hybrid 2022 will use a 48V single-motor hybrid system. Currently, the 48V system is used in the light hybrid variant which stops turning the wheels independently,

But German supplier Continental this year revealed a full hybrid on the 48-volt system to provide electric propulsion of up to 56 mph (90 km).

The company’s 48-volt system provides the enormous advantage of a full hybrid high-voltage system but with smaller, cheaper electrical components and a more compact design.

Thanks to the water-cooled electric motor, Continental says it has doubled the motor power output compared to the previous generation “light” hybrid system, without increasing its diameter.

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While at this point we can only speculate about what the hybrid system will or will not do on the new Lexus LX,

But for sure Lexus will try to thrill its flagship car to a level that can keep up with rivals such as the all-new Cadillac Escalade and Range. The Rover 2022 has a sleeve of its own and to keep the SUV relevant for the next decade.

2022 Lexus LX Interior

The 2022 LX must be available in 5 and 7 seater versions. We expect it to feature LED headlights, 21-inch wheels, sequential front and rear turn indicators, a power-activated tailgate with a kick (gesture tailgate), an electric sunroof with remote control function, and a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system. A picture posted on has revealed the features of the next-generation Land Cruiser, which is a new LX donor.

As a luxury SUV that targets VIP and elite circles, the LX must have a plusher cabin with high-quality materials, more comfort features such as multi-way electric adjustment, ventilation and massage functions for the seats, and a more sophisticated driver assistant system. The Lexus Safety System + 2.5 (LSS + 2.5) safety package, introduced in 2021 IS, could become standard equipment.

Lexus will also address major drawbacks to a full model change. The company will replace the clunky touchpad-controlled infotainment system with a newly developed system that will likely have touchscreen support. “The telematics we will face will be at the forefront of the industry, and they will be what we do not currently have,” John Iacono, Chairman of Lexus National Dealers Advisory Board, told in an interview, about the topic of Lexus cars. will come.

While the auto industry is migrating to Apple CarPlay wireless and Android Auto wireless, Lexus lacks the base Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems on the LX. It’s one of the weaknesses we believe the company will cross the list in the redesign. Other available features should include, electric parking brake, 3D Multi-Terrain Monitor + Panoramic View Monitor, four-zone automatic climate control, a head-up display, a rear-seat entertainment system with Wi-Fi connectivity, generous wood applications, and authenticity. leather upholstery.

The next-generation Lexus SUV will be supported by the new ladder-frame chassis used with the newest Land Cruiser on the market (Toyota LC 300). At Toyota, the technical glossary created for the new platform is TNGA-F.

Lexus LX Interior 2022

The LX has a large display, but its bulky body doesn’t necessarily translate into a grand ballroom interior. Each row of seating is habitable, although none offer overwhelming space.

Large families with growing children may be better served by the majestic Lincoln Navigator and the leading third-row spaciousness of its class.

At the heart of the LX’s interior is the 12.3-inch infotainment screen that towers over the dashboard. It is equipped with very soft cabin leather, genuine metal accents, and a splash of glossy wood which – refreshing – doesn’t look tacky.

Build quality and switchgear deserve a luxury label, although the instrument panel button group is a bit messy. Behind the third row, the LX has room for three carry-on cases. With the second and third rows folded, we managed to load 29 crates.

That figure beats the Range Rover by three but the short wheel Navigator makes it 33 and the long-wheelbase version packs a whopping 45 cases.

The LX infotainment system is controlled by a flat controller such as a joystick located to the right of the gear shift. It is difficult to operate and, in our experience, difficult to use safely while driving.

Regarding the actual infotainment system and organization, we generally view the Lexus Enform interface.

On the LX, the large 12.3-inch display allows for convenient split-screen operation. The center console offers redundant climate control and has a much-appreciated volume and tune knobs.

The flagship luxury SUV should come standard with every convenience technology available on the market, but the LX doesn’t have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto integration.

It also doesn’t offer data connection services for cellular Wi-Fi. The LX comes in two- and three-line arrangements; given the size, we will choose three rows as having a few extra seats is not a bad thing.

The base tier is well equipped with onboard navigation, a 12.3-inch infotainment screen, an all-wheel-drive, adaptive suspension, and plenty of driver assistance features.

2022 Lexus LX Engine

Japanese reports say that Lexus will offer a naturally aspirated 5.7-liter V8 3UR-FE petrol engine in the next-generation model. What is clear, the LX diesel will not live, and for the first time in four generations, the SUV is getting a hybrid variant.

However, the hybrid system may not be the same system used by LS. The first-ever Land Cruiser Hybrid planned to be launched as part of the Land Cruiser 300 series, will have a single-motor hybrid system instead of the current dual-motorized Toyota Hybrid System II (THS II), as per Best Car.

The intention behind this move may be not to add weight to this already large SUV. The single-motor hybrid powertrain (expected to be a 3.5-liter turbo-hybrid) will be coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission, the report added. The Lexus LX Hybrid can benefit from the same powertrain and could be a car making its debut. We are waiting for more information about the Lexus LX Hybrid.

The Luxury package doesn’t add much to the core but adds leather upholstery, four-zone automatic climate control,

Heated and ventilated first and second-row seats, and elegant pool lights integrated into the exterior mirrors.

  • LX570 Two-Row – $ 88,000 (est)
  • LX570 Three Row – $ 93,000 (est)

2022 Lexus LX 600 Release Date

Official information about when the Lexus LX 2022 will be introduced is not yet available. Based on previous years, we expect this SUV to arrive in the fall of 2021.

2022 Lexus LX Price

The price for the Lexus LX 2022 is also unclear. Without the expected changes, the 2022 model should stay close to the current SUV range of $ 88,025 to $ 93,025 with a purpose.